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Best Bench Grinder

Many household chores and DIY endeavors demand the use of a bladed tool or equipment, from cutting the grass to cutting woods. The blades or steel tools will likely have to be sharpened or degreased of corrosion and rust at one point or another. There is no better tool for this job than a bench grinder.

The best bench grinders are the ones that polish steel and effortlessly remove rust way faster and easier than a traditional old-fashioned whetstone. The bench grinder usually comes with two grinding wheels, and each of them has a different grit.

Several models offer the option of changing grinding wheels for metal brushes, perfect for cleaning metal connectors and electrical plugs, as well as to polish wheels, which give metal and plastic surfaces a bright shine.

In addition to being well manufactured and simple to use, any good bench grinder will protect the user’s eyes by reducing small metal shards and sparks that may fly in the process of grinding. Despite this, it is advised for operators to wear eye protection when working with bench grinders.

The bench grinder is a relatively simple power tool, however, some DIYers or professionals prefer certain models because they are easy to use, have more power, and rotate faster. These factors must be taken into consideration in selecting the best bench grinders.


Table of Contents

Wen 4276 Bench Grinder
Skilsaw 3380-01 Bench Grinder
Dewalt DW758 Bench Grinder

1.1. The Best Bench Grinder: What You Should Consider

Bench grinders tend to be simple and unassuming machines. Even though it is possible to change wheels on a bench grinder, the wheels cannot be balanced automatically, which is crucial to preventing wobbling. Generally, it’s recommended to buy bench grinders that are already equipped with the wheels you intend to use.

It is common for bench grinders to have two wheels that differ from one another. For instance, one of them might be a coarse grit, whereas the other may be a fine grit or a polishing wheel. The best bench grinder that will suit your needs depends on what kind of grinding, polishing, or cleaning you plan to do.

1.2. Wheel Size & Type

Grinder wheels are normally sized according to their diameter, generally either 6 inches or 8 inches. There are few differences in performance between the two sizes.

6-inch Grinder

Bench grinders of this type are much more affordable, based on the manufacturer and the accessories that are available. These machines offer a choice of low and high-speed grinding, making them appropriate for a number of grinding jobs, for instance, sharpening of blades, knives, and tools. Depending on their weight, these tools can weigh 10 lbs to 25 lbs, and they can be mounted to a table or carried around by hand.

8-inch Grinder

For professionals like mechanics and woodworkers, this type of bench grinder usually has a more powerful motor, however, it is usually slower than the smaller, six-inch models. In a professional workshop, these tools endure frequent use depending on quality and brand. Most of these bench grinders weigh between 20 lbs to 50 lbs and are fastened to a workbench for stability.

1.3. Materials Used on Wheel

The wheels are made of different materials that determine their quality and suitability for use. Except for wire wheels and buffers, grinder wheels come in two types: 36 grit wheels for aggressive grinding and 60 grit wheels for finer grinding. Additionally, materials like the following are used to make them:

Aluminium Oxide

Aluminium oxide wheels usually don’t heat up. Moreover, they are commonly used for grinding carbon steel and alloy steel, which are hard metals found in hand tools.

Ceramic Aluminium Oxide

Grinding and removing the material from hard alloys and steel is done mainly with this abrasive wheel. The wheel you need to grind away the half of an axe head is this one.

Buffing Wheels

Buffing wheels are made up of a range of thick, brushed textiles that are intended to buff steel and metallic objects to a high gloss. For hubcaps and other chrome parts of automobiles, auto-body workers use them to achieve high shines during the car restoration process.

Wire Wheels

Brass and steel bristles are used to develop wire wheels, which are designed to clean greasy deposits from auto valves and fittings effectively. The grinders that are found in mechanic’s shops usually feature at least one wire wheel.

Silicon Carbide

Bench grinders usually come with this grinding wheel which is used to grind a variety of things including cast iron and blades for lawn mowers. One disadvantage of these grinding wheels is their quick heating, which can damage woodworking instruments such as chisels and planes.

1.4. Safety Features

Spark arrestors

There are small steel plates that separate the eye guards from the machine’s wheels. Sparks won’t fly everywhere in the shop with these. Even so, be careful not to place flammables near the bench grinder, because sparks may occasionally occur. Spark arrestors, however, tend to cut down on spark spreading.

Eye guards

The shields come standard with bench grinders, usually as clear acrylic shields draped directly over grinding wheels while you are working, preventing your eyes from coming into contact with metal shards. It is possible for them to get soiled or scratched as time goes by, but you can change them if that does happen.


• Accessories for bench grinders make using the tool quicker and easier. They include:

• A rubber foot system (on portable units) ensures they don’t slide while in use.

• Tool rest that is used to brace knives or blades during grinding. Almost all bench grinders come with this accessory.

• You can dip your chisel (or whatever it is you’re grinding) into the water tray near the bottom of the grinder to keep it cool.

• Lighting your workspace with LEDs thereby letting you see what you are doing more clearly.

Our Top 3 Products

1.5. Wen 4276 Bench Grinder

WEN makes affordable bench grinders for budget-minded users. At present, the WEN 4276 is the most affordable bench grinder available. Despite not being cheap, this bench grinder has a number of useful features.

With a six-inch grinding wheel, this bench grinder offers great value for money as it can handle a large number of users. The small size and compact form factor also make this grinder quite portable. Thus, all these factors collectively make this bench grinder a top pick of users.

1.6. Skilsaw 3380-01 Bench Grinder

SKIL provides budget-friendly power tools to make common tasks as simple as possible. Budget-conscious buyers can also benefit from the model 3380-01 bench grinder from SKIL. The bench grinder comes with a grinding wheel that is 6 inches in diameter.

Even though it is a grinder that is not designed for heavy-duty use, its compact and space-saving design is perfect for use in workshops. Users choose it for all these reasons.

1.7. Dewalt DW758 Bench Grinder

With over 80 years of experience, the company makes some of the most powerful, heavy-duty, and durable power tools on the market.

This bench grinder by Dewalt has a lot of power, which makes it a great choice. Due to its electric motor, this device offers a grinding wheel that is capable of 4.2 amps of power. As a result, this grinder wheel can spin at 3600 RPM. An 8-inch grinding wheel is also part of the machine.

1.8. Wen 4276 Bench Grinder

Bench grinders for users on a budget are made by WEN, a company known for making affordable power tools. Presently, the cheapest bench grinder available is the WEN 4276. Although this is not the cheapest bench grinder option out there, it offers a few useful features.

The bench grinder is thus a great value for money as its six-inch grinding wheel makes it capable of handling a large number of users. The small size and compact form factor also make this grinder quite portable.

A 2.1 amp motor is used in its electric motor, which is reasonable for a product at this price. 3450 RPM is an adequately high motor speed for a grinder with a grinding wheel of this size, so this motor should be more than adequate.

It is still a great thing to have a 2-year warranty on a bench grinder despite its affordability. Nevertheless, the build quality could be improved.


  • A compact bench grinder with reasonable performance
  • Easily adjustable speed controls for grinding wheels
  • With a reasonable price tag and numerous features, this package offers a great deal of value


  • An improved motor would have been beneficial
  • The quality of the build is average

1.9. Skilsaw 3380-01 Bench Grinder

Skil generates budget power tools aimed at making common tasks as simple as possible. This SKIL bench grinder, model 3380-01, can also be a great choice for budget-conscious customers. The bench grinder comes with a grinding wheel that is 6 inches in diameter.

Even though it is a grinder that is not designed for heavy-duty use, its compact and space-saving design is perfect for use in workshops.

As for the motor, it has the same power rating as WEN’s bench grinder, which is 2.1 amps. In exchange for its slightly higher price, it offers a somewhat better motor. You get a longer warranty for paying a bit more, lasting three years.

Furthermore, it has decent build quality and is on par with a number of much more expensive options.


  • Considering its compact size, the 6-inch grinding wheel performs decently
  • Both grinding wheels are equipped with LED lights to make use easier
  • For budget users, this bench grinder is quite durable and reliable


  • It isn't the most cost-effective option
  • The motor might have been more powerful

1.10. Dewalt DW758 Bench Grinder

The company is one of the oldest power tool brands in the world, well known for its powerful, heavy-duty, and durable power tools. With its power, Dewalt’s DW758 bench grinder is among the most excellent options.

The reason is that this device offers an electric motor that can power its grinding wheel at up to 4.2 amps. This grinder wheel is, therefore, capable of 3600 RPM motor speed. The machine also features a big grinding wheel size of 8 inches.

The Dewalt bench grinder comes with a 3-year warranty, which is quite impressive given its reputable brand. The quality of its construction allows you to use it for an extended period without having to worry about it breaking.

There is no denying that this bench grinder is large and hefty. Moreover, due to the distance of 12 ½ inches between its two grinding wheels, it is large and easy to use.


  • Easily adjust the speed of grinding wheels by adjusting the controls
  • Electric motor with 4.2 amps for optimum balance and power
  • Bench grinder model with one of the best performances


  • This bench grinder is quite bulky and large

1.11. Bucktool TDS-200DS Bench Grinder

Bucktool is a brand that produces powerful bench grinders but is much smaller than its competitors. Bench grinders from Bucktool are among the more sophisticated models available today. With a 60 grit and a 120 grit oxide wheel, it prevents overheating during machining.

These two grinding wheels are both 8 inches in diameter, so most users will be more than satisfied. Moreover, Bucktool bench grinders come with 3.1 amp powerful electric motors as well, which is a plus point.

With this bench grinder, you have a variety of adjustment options, so you can customize it to suit your tastes and needs. Unfortunately, this one appears to be less reliable.

Additionally, there is a 1-year warranty, which is too short. In comparison with other bench grinders available, this one is quite expensive.


  • Eight-inch grinding wheels with great performance
  • Aluminum base and support structure make the case highly stable
  • Electric motor with ½ HP that is quiet and efficient
  • With 3450 revolutions per minute, it has a high motor speed rating
  • Flexible and precise use with multiple adjustments
  • The compact and small design provides ease of use


  • It could have been better in terms of build quality
  • Pricey for what you get
  • It comes with a 1-year limited warranty

1.12. Rikon Power Tools, 80-805 Bench Grinder

With its bench grinder model, Rikon offers a range of highly durable and reliable power tools. In comparison with all other options present in this article, the Rikon bench grinder is the most versatile and reliable option.

Due to the 5-years warranty it offers, the user can rest assured for a long period of time. It also comes with top-notch manufacturing excellence, from which you can expect a long service life. And the plus point is, all of these features are included at no additional charge.

As for the bench grinder’s performance, it comes with an 8-inch grinding wheel. Through the help of its 3 amp motor, this grinding wheel functions at decent speeds.

However, this electric motor consumes a high amount of energy that some users may find problematic. With just 1750 revolutions per minute, its motor speed is also pretty low.


  • An electric motor that performs well at 3 amps
  • Two grinding wheels provide high flexibility in a small package
  • A strong and reliable bench grinder


  • Motor speed is 1750 RPM, which is very low
  • The electric motor consumes a lot of power

1.13. Delta 23-197 Bench Grinder

A bench grinder by Delta Power Tools is a powerful power tool that is well-known among users accustomed to powerful and heavy-duty power tools. The most powerful bench grinder included here is the Delta Power Tools 23-197.

The large grinding wheel makes this possible. The electric motor powering it is 5 amps and also equally powerful.

The grinder’s motor speed can be increased to 3400 RPM when using grinding wheels of 30 grit and 60 grit included with this bench grinder, which are durable enough for even heavy-duty industrial use.

It is extremely durable and sturdy as well, making it an excellent bench grinder. This bench grinder features outstanding manufacturing quality, which means it can easily be used for quite some time.

With this bench grinder, you’ll also receive a 5-year warranty, which is the longest warranty out of all bench grinders currently available. By using the built-in water tray, you don’t have to worry about overheating due to improper cooling.


  • A five-year warranty makes it a highly reliable and durable option
  • Water tray and shield built-in for cooling
  • A bench grinder with the highest performance at present


  • Grit has been lacking
  • The price is a bit hig

1.14. Jet 578008 Bench Grinder

In comparison to other brands of power tools that also make bench grinders, Jet is a relatively new brand of power tools. It is a great choice for a number of users who want a powerful bench grinder with high performance.

This product provides users an electric motor that offers a powerful 4.1 amps that should more than suffice for the vast majority of users. Designed for optimum performance, it powers an 8-inch grinding wheel through its electric motor.

Similar to most other electric motors, this 1 HP motor comes with a 1-year warranty. Although this bench grinder offers excellent build quality, it is a bit bulky and large, and this ought to be kept in mind while choosing it. The construction is heavy-duty cast iron to ensure a long-lasting product.


  • The wheel is large enough to be used on heavy machinery
  • A simple control scheme and options make this bench grinder easy to use
  • With 4.1 amps of electric power, this motor offers great performance
  • Stable base made of cast iron
  • The electric motor that runs quietly and efficiently


  • Quite a bit more expensive
  • It is a bit heavier and larger in size

1.15. Genesis GBG800L Bench Grinder

Before purchasing a bench grinder, look into Genesis power tools. When compared to similarly priced alternatives, Genesis’ GBG800L offers decent performance. Clearly, this grinding wheel, as its name suggests, is large, measuring 8 inches in diameter.

An electric motor of 2.1 amps powers this wheel. Although there could have been some improvements, considering the price, it is hard to expect more.

The warranty is also two years, as would be expected in a budget offering. In spite of the given price tag, its build quality is quite impressive and it’s quite strong as well. There is no noise from its ½  HP electric motor.


  • Good build quality at a reasonable price
  • A good motor and 8-inch wheel combination gives good performance
  • A budget-friendly bench grinder with a large surface area


  • The grit could have been better
  • A bit pricey


Q: What’s the best bench grinder?

A: Dewalt offers the best bench grinders.

Q: Should I get a 6-inch or 8-inch bench grinder?

A: A 6-inch bench grinder is perfect for you if you are a DIYer or working generally at home. However, as a professional worker, you must have an 8-inch bench grinder for extraordinary performance.

Q: How do I choose a bench grinder?

A: Consider the factors mentioned above and then go for the best suitable bench grinder as per your requirements.

Q: Do you need a bench grinder?

A: Yes, Walmart has all kinds of staple guns. You can see a variety of manual and electric staple guns on Walmart’s website and order at once. You can see the specs and choose any staple gun depending on your budget and project requirement.

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