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Best Electric Screwdriver

A conventional power drill is a crucial tool in any workshop, though it is probably not the best tool for light-duty tasks that require more dexterity. An electric screwdriver is an excellent option, no matter if you are a novice DIYer or if you are a professional tradesperson looking for a backup tool.

The best electric screwdrivers offer strong torque and an ergonomic design that lets you control them precisely with a sure grip. Using a manual screwdriver can cause wrist strain in addition to hand discomfort, causing electric screwdrivers to be a better option in many cases.

Depending on the project, you can use them for installing furniture, repairing damaged light switches, and securing damaged cabinet hinges. Moreover, with their low torques, they can be used on sensitive material that might otherwise get damaged by a stronger screwdriver, such as plastic boards, covers, or tiny screws.

Here you’ll find our buying guide, which provides you with information about the best electric screwdrivers, including the way they work, how powerful they are, and how they are made.

Table of Contents

Dewalt 8V MAX DCF682N1 Cordless Screwdriver Kit
SKIL Rechargeable SD561801 Cordless Screwdriver
Milwaukee M12 2401-22 Hex Screwdriver Kit

1.1. The Electric Screwdriver: What You Need to Know

When buying an electric screwdriver, you have to make sure it is exactly the tool you require. For that, remember a few things before purchasing an electric screwdriver. A manual screwdriver is cheaper than an electric screwdriver, and it doesn’t need batteries.

The torque required from a manual screwdriver relies on your own strength, which can be challenging when dealing with harder woods like oak or ebony etc.

Using a power screwdriver makes your life easier and delivers more power. If you need to drive a lot of screws quickly during a major task, you will benefit from an electric screwdriver. When you are drilling screws into metal or concrete, you may need much torque, which is best accomplished with a drill or an impact driver.

In order to offer the user a more balanced experience, an electric screwdriver offers the benefits of both a screwdriver and a drill. If you think that’s the right tool for you, keep reading.

1.2. What to Look for in a Great Electric Screwdriver

Make sure you know everything you need to know before buying a new product. Finding the best electric screwdriver will be easier if you consider the following factors.


When an electric screwdriver is turned clockwise or counterclockwise, the torque exerted on the screw is the amount of force that can be applied. Turning a screw requires more force when the torque is higher.

The torque of an electric screwdriver is determined in Newton meters, or N.m. Lightweight electric screwdrivers may have a torque of 1 N.m, while more powerful models typically have a torque of 27 N.m.

Despite this, a 27 N.m screwdriver is quite high, since most screwdrivers range from 3 N.m to 10 N.m, which is sufficient for nearly all DIY jobs. You should choose a higher torque option if your work will include handling heavy materials.

Every product has pros and cons, but there are certain ones that stand out from the competition. A good tool should have excellent price, ergonomics, user-friendliness, and performance. In order to take the following factors into consideration, we have selected 3 of the best products:

1.3. DEWALT DWE305, Corded Reciprocating Saw

A DeWalt power tool is known for its strength and reliability. Compared to other reciprocating saws, this reciprocating saw weighs 8.1lbs, which makes it lightweight. Additionally, it is durable and sturdy. A 12 amp motor powers this sawzall which has speeds ranging from 0 to 2,900 spm.

The stroke length is also quite good at 1-1/8 inch. You can control the unit’s speed easily with a variable speed trigger. Furthermore, the keyless blade clamp makes blade replacement easy.

Its rubber handle adds to its comfort and softness. As a result, you will have a much easier time controlling your saw while working on a project. And most of all, it’s available in an affordable price range with all these mentioned features which makes it a top choice among professionals and DIYers both.

1.4. MILWAUKEE’S 6538-21 Super Sawzall Reciprocating Saw

This is a powerful and lightweight reciprocating saw. The sawzall’s powerful 15 amp motor makes it an excellent option for woodworking. Due to its corded nature, it can easily handle your projects. It offers an excellent choice for extended projects in this regard.

Though it is not compact, its performance definitely stands out. Additionally, the device runs smoothly due to the counterbalanced mechanism. As a result, vibrations are reduced. Thus, it’s a good choice for professionals and DIYers alike and ranks 2nd in the list of our top products.

1.5. DEWALT DWE304 Reciprocating Saw, 10-Amp

Compared to other saws, this one has a lower price. This reciprocating saw is a good choice for DIYers. It is relatively lightweight, and its motor is good. The motor is powered by 10-amp. Blade speeds range from 0 to 2,800 SMP, which are reasonable speeds compared to other saws.

A 1-1/8-inch stroke length is offered by this saw. This allows you to finish your projects rapidly and efficiently. Additionally, it has a four-position blade clamp and is versatile. In addition, a keyless lever-action system makes it easy to change the blade.

Most importantly, variable speed triggers allow you to customize the speed for your project. Along with that, its moderate price makes it available for all users.


Rounds per minute, or RPM, are the units of measure for electric screwdriver speed. A lighter screwdriver usually operates at 150 to 300 RPMs, although it is possible to go faster. Even though a higher speed will speed up the rotation of the screwdriver bit, if you cannot control it, you might end up stripping the screw.

For an electric screwdriver, this is an important consideration when the power, speed, or torque increases. Essentially, the best electric screwdrivers have variable speeds that allow you to customize the speed for your needs.

Most people are already used to driving screws at a constant rate of 150 RPMs, so any of these speeds will allow them to complete the task quickly and without becoming fatigued.


Electric screwdrivers measure their power output in volts. When performing most screwdriving work, electric screwdrivers replace manual screwdrivers with their motorized power. However, it is important to consider how you’ll use the electric screwdriver before purchasing one, as not everyone needs one.

Models with less power typically range between 3 and 7 volts. Low-voltage screwdrivers like these are perfect for tasks that don’t require a lot of power, such as putting together furniture or hanging decorations.

For high-density materials such as metals and hardwoods, electric screwdrivers with heavy duty motors are best. Choose an electric screwdriver with a voltage that falls between 8 and 15 volts if you intend to carry out a great deal of work with it and you can’t handle an electric tool that is lighter.

If you want the best way to drive screws, you are most likely to get the most economical result when combining a light- to a medium-duty electric screwdriver with a powerful cordless driver.


There are a variety of types of electric screwdrivers available, including an inline, pistol grip, and variable grip models.

  1. Electric screwdrivers with a fixed pistol grip resemble a gun, as the name implies. Using the screwdriver is easy due to the small handle and finger trigger. No matter how fast or how much torque you exert, either one will keep you from slipping.

  2. Electrified screwdrivers with a variable grip can be positioned, bent, rotated, and repositioned for easily accessing and maneuvering. This adjustable grip is ideal if you have a small work space or if you cannot decide between an inline and fixed screwdriver.

  3. Inline electric screwdrivers resemble manual screwdrivers, yet they work the same as other electric models. The straight grip of these screwdrivers causes them to slip in your hands when you apply too much torque or speed, or at the slightest sign of wetness or slickness. For those who desire a power screwdriver, but prefer a manual screwdriver, there is this option.


Because the size of an electric screwdriver ultimately indicates its power, it is important to remember that. When buying a bigger tool, you will have a more powerful motor, but also be aware of how much heavier it will be.

A standard electric screwdriver weighs between one and three pounds, though some high-impact models weigh as much as five pounds. It might seem like a small amount of weight, but the weight of the screwdriver will result in tired hands, arms, and shoulders after prolonged use.


For small and larger electric screwdriver batteries, milliamp hours (mAh) or amp-hours (Ah) are measured. Typically, 1000 mAh corresponds to 1 Ah. A battery that can produce one amp of power for one hour is known as an amp-hour (Ah) battery.

One-Ah batteries, on the other hand, are capable of producing ten amps of power, but are limited to six minutes at a time. The battery of a 1 Ah battery loses power only while you are using the screwdriver. Keep this in mind as you use cordless screwdrivers occasionally on your job. There are many battery options available, but lithium is by far the most popular.

An electric screwdriver battery has an Ah rating of 0.5 Ah to 2.5 Ah. You should think about what kind of electric power is available to charge the battery, how long it is likely to be used, and the amount of power and torque required by the screwdriver, since higher power consumption will discharge the battery more quickly.

Other Factors

The electric screwdriver is no different from most other power tools in that it comes with several features designed to ease your work.

  1. By utilizing an instant stop feature, the tool will stop operating once the screw jams or has reached its full tightening. The tool is thus prevented from transmitting torque to your arm and hand, eliminating the strain.

  2. Working in dimly lighted areas is easier with LED lights.

  3. Each kit contains a carrying case and several bits for electric screwdrivers.

  4. A number of advanced sets are available with additional tools, including manual screwdrivers and cutting wheels.

  5. There is a magnetic screw holder on the front of the tool which makes it easier to use the screwdriver with one hand while holding the screw.

  6. Depending on the application, torque levels can be raised or lowered using torque adjustment systems.

Our Top 3 Products

1.6. Dewalt 8V MAX DCF682N1 Cordless Screwdriver Kit

The Dewalt 8V model’s intuitive control system really makes it easy for drivers to tune up their speed. By turning your wrist in either direction, you can change from forward to reverse instead of using the directional switch found on other tools.

Its eight-volt battery allows it to deliver more power than many similar models, despite the lack of a torque setting. Unlike most of its competitors, it cannot be converted into a pistol grip, but as a result of removing the extra moving parts, it is more durable in the long run. Thus, it falls among the best electric screwdrivers list.

1.7. SKIL Rechargeable SD561801 Cordless Screwdriver

In addition to being small enough to fit inside a toolbox or kitchen drawer, this cordless screwdriver from SKIL also features a comfortable elongated trigger for added comfort while using it. There are no variable speed settings on this tool, but if you want a minimal one with minimal manipulation, it is a great choice.

As an added benefit, nine bits are included as well as an extended handle to access hard-to-reach areas. Plus, you can hold two bits on your tool at the same time due to its two magnetic holders.

This screwdriver is easy to use and comes with a USB port so that you may charge it whenever needed and that is what makes it a perfect pick without even a second thought.

1.8. Milwaukee M12 2401-22 Hex Screwdriver Kit

The Milwaukee brand is already very well known in the tool market. This Milwaukee 12-volt model is a great alternative if the 4 or 6-volt options don’t satisfy your needs. This bit driver tool features a variable speed trigger, as well as various torque settings, and a quick-change chuck to switch bits in one hand.

Furthermore, you will be getting an additional battery and charger if you already own an M12 tool. The Milwaukee tool line has always been a great choice for heavy-duty use, so if you’re searching for something that will hold up, it will likely meet your needs.

1.9. Dewalt 8V MAX DCF682N1 Cordless Screwdriver Kit

Those looking for a great choice for tuning up their driver’s speed can really do so with this Dewalt 8V model’s intuitive control system. Instead of the directional switch found on other choices, with this tool you can simply turn your wrist in either direction to change from forward to reverse. 

Moreover, the motor doesn’t have a torque setting, but it provides more power than many other models thanks to its eight-volt battery. Unlike most of its competitors, it cannot be converted into a pistol grip, but as a result of removing the extra moving parts, it is more durable in the long run.


  • Lights with LEDs
  • Motor with a lot of power


  • A heavier option than similar ones
  • Prices are relatively high

1.10. SKIL Rechargeable SD561801 Cordless Screwdriver

This SKIL’s cordless screwdriver is small enough to fit inside a toolbox or kitchen drawer and with an elongated trigger, this screwdriver provides comfort and convenience while working.

Though there are no variable speed control options on this tool, it is a great tool if you need a minimal one with little to no manipulation required.

Furthermore, it comes with a selection of nine bits and an extended handle for convenient access to those places that are difficult to reach. Plus, its two magnetic holders make it convenient to have two bits on your tool at the same time.

This screwdriver is easy to use and comes with a USB port so that you may charge it whenever needed.


  • Small and compact
  • Plugs into a USB port to charge
  • An affordable price


  • Incapable of changing speeds
  • Incapable of changing speeds

1.11. Milwaukee M12 2401-22 Hex Screwdriver Kit

This Milwaukee 12-volt model is a great alternative if the 4 or 6-volt options don’t satisfy your needs. This bit driver tool features a variable speed trigger, as well as various torque settings, and a quick-change chuck to switch bits in one hand.

Furthermore, you will be getting an additional battery and charger if you already own a M12 tool. 

The Milwaukee tool line has always been a great choice for heavy-duty use, so if you’re searching for something that will hold up, it will likely meet your needs.


  • Tool bag for easy transportation and storage
  • The belt clip


  • Bits are not included
  • Weighs quite a bit

1.12. Metabo HPT DB3DL2 Cordless Screwdriver Kit

This Metabo HTP screwdriver kit is perfect to keep the tool protected when not in use. It can be housed in its hard-sided case, which comprises 21 clutch settings for adjusting torque to your specific task.

Furthermore, the device is equipped with two batteries, so you can work on lengthy projects without having to worry about charging one battery. However, when the batteries run out, they can still be used as a normal screwdriver with its manual spindle lock.

Furthermore, it has a drill setting, which is perfect for making pilot holes; however, we don’t endorse it for more serious drilling tasks.


  • Rubber grips provide a solid grip
  • You can choose between two speeds
  • Worklights with LEDs


  • An inconvenient location for the direction switch

1.13. BLACK+DECKER SmartSelect Cordless Screwdriver

This Black+Decker Smart Select screwdriver is perfectly designed for DIYers and users who prefer to work in their comfort zone. Mobility problems, arthritis, or simply wanting to drive with one hand, this magnetic fastener holder with an extended arm might be the ideal solution for you then.

Also, it comes with an easy-to-read clutch adjustment display on the unit, which makes it easy to determine which setting is appropriate for the fastener that you are using. 

In addition to the drill bit, there is a pilot hole drill bit included, which is perfect for beginners who do not already have a solid collection of bits. Nevertheless, you will not be able to alter the speed, so take that into consideration.


  • Accessories and bits are stored in the charger
  • Perfect for fasteners that are small
  • Beginners will have no problem using it


  • A bulky charging stand consumes a great deal of room

1.14. TACKLIFE SDH13DC Cordless Screwdriver

With this TACKLIFE cordless screwdriver, you will always be able to work in full illumination thanks to the circular lights that surround the chuck, unlike lights mounted at the bottom or at the top, which can cast troublesome shadows.

As a standalone flashlight, this unit is even more functional with its second LED. In addition, it is packaged with 30 bits, including Pozdriv and Torx bits which are less common.

Moreover, you can adjust the handle to three positions so you can reach tight or places that are hard to reach. You have more options for recharging with the micro USB cable when the batteries run low.


  • An easy-to-use bit organizer
  • Six settings for torque


  • The product is not intended for heavy use
  • Storage container is not included

1.15. Black & Decker BDCSFL20C Cordless Screwdriver

Black & Decker light-duty tools are renowned for their reliability, which also extends to this driver. With its pivoting design, the pistol grip can convert to a straight line in a flash, making it highly functional.

The LED light’s large beam is wide enough to illuminate your work area while drilling or as an independent torch. Its rubber grip, extended handle, and light weight of 1.1 pounds further enhance the ergonomics, making the device even more comfortable to work with.

The only drawback is the lack of a USB charging port. That is certainly a bummer, however we do not view this as a major issue.


  • Colours that are highly visible
  • Design that is lightweight


  • No storage of bits
  • The only speed available

1.16. WEN 49103 Cordless Electric Screwdriver

This WEN’s affordable electric screwdriver is another helpful addition made to relieve the users with its ergonomic manufacturing. Instead of having the chuck located in the middle of the driver unlike other screwdrivers, it is located on the top, making it more suitable for accommodating tight or odd spaces.

The handle has a rubberized surface, allowing the user to grip the handle securely, while the carry holster includes storage compartments, making it easy to carry the driver and gear with ease. On the top of the device, there is an LED meter that will allow you to easily see the battery level.


  • Chuck with a quick-release system
  • Prices are low
  • Easily reaches screws that are difficult to reach


  • There is no way to set the torque
  • The bit selection isn't great


Q: What is the best electric screwdriver on the market?

A: Dewalt 8V MAX DCF682N1 Electric Screwdriver is the best electric screwdriver available on the market.

Q: What is the Best Cordless Screwdriver to buy?

A: SKIL Rechargeable SD561801 Cordless Screwdriver is the best cordless screwdriver to buy.

Q: How do I choose an electric screwdriver?

A: You can read the buying guide available at the starting of this article before choosing the best suitable one for you from the above list.

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