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Is a jigsaw one of the tools on your lists but you’re not sure if you need one? The number of models available on the market, at varying price ranges, makes it difficult to decide which is the best jigsaws available out there. Make your final decision based on the task and your preferences.

But before that, you must know the functions of the jigsaw and the factors to consider before purchasing the best jigsaws for your DIY Projects.

DIY enthusiasts and professionals use jigsaws as versatile power tools to shave off precisely shaped materials including wood, metal, and plastic. best jigsaws helps you reduce stress by helping you accomplish your task more quickly and adds a nice finishing touch.

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1DEWALT DCS331M1 20V Max Jigsaw Kit⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
2Bosch JS470E 120V Top-Handle Jigsaw⭐⭐⭐⭐
3SKIL 4495-02 Orbital Laser Jigsaw⭐⭐⭐
DEWALT DCS331M1 20V Max Jigsaw Kit
Bosch JS470E 120V Top-Handle Jigsaw
SKIL 4495-02 Orbital Laser Jigsaw

Buying Guide for Jigsaw

The choices are endless, and the time is short. Efficiency, therefore, is imperative. While at the workplace, it’s essential to realize that things should be done quickly and effectively; similarly, one wouldn’t want to ponder too long while purchasing any product. The same goes for a jigsaw. Below is a comprehensive guide to making an informed decision while buying a jigsaw.

To expedite the process, you should keep specific points in mind. In addition to letting you see what makes the best jigsaws, some things also help you identify the bad ones.

In light of this, it is essential to remember the following things.


Priority should be given to you as a user. Each tool must take into account what humanity needs and wants. High-tech items that do not provide the features workers need are not rational. People can live more comfortably using the new, advanced tools designers create.

Choosing features that are too heavy to make a product is OK, as long as those features are also valuable to the workplace. It should be easy to understand what each function does rather than wondering why it exists.

Jigsaws and other power tools should be built thinking about the benefits of buyers rather than focusing on their aesthetic appeal.

In the same way, when you get to the market to purchase the best jigsaw for your workplace, consider its important quality; ease of holding and doing work. If it’s not easy to use, it will be a burden. Weight and portability are also important factors that come into play. If the product is too heavy, you will get tired quickly and won’t be able to work for long hours. Conversely, if it’s too light, then it.

May not be able to cut through more challenging surfaces. The perfect balance should be struck in this case. Another thing that you should consider is the price. Not all expensive products are good, and not all cheap things are bad. 

Just because something is costly doesn’t mean it will fulfil your requirements, and just because something is cheap doesn’t mean it’s not good. You should, therefore, analyze properly and then take a call.QualityThe second thing on the list is quality.

The Durability Of A Product

A machine needs to be equipped with the most current technologies. Likewise, the product must be durable enough for you to use those features to their full potential for quite some time. It’s easy to see why users would want their devices to last for a long time, as they spend so much money on them.


Moreover, if you are dealing with cutting wood, you need to choose a tool that can withstand the heavy burden of daily use. Work cannot be stopped because of a substandard product, and buyers cannot keep buying jigsaws season after season. A quality jigsaw must last long in the modern world, as everyone requires excellence in the finished product.


Every piece of machinery works well because of its power. The ability of your device to deliver a high level of performance is indicated by its ability to handle adequate power. Powerful jigsaws provide ample power to handle any task, while the best ones can be controlled to suit your wishes.


Consequently, you become the one who decides how to accomplish the work. Every piece of machinery works well because of its power. The ability of your device to deliver a high level of performance is indicated by its ability to handle adequate power.


Powerful jigsaws provide ample power to handle any task, while the best ones can be controlled to suit your wishes. Consequently, you become the one who decides how to accomplish the work.


Every piece of machinery works well because of its power. The ability of your device to deliver a high level of performance is indicated by its ability to handle adequate power.

Powerful jigsaws provide ample power to handle any task, while the best ones can be controlled to suit your wishes.

Consequently, you become the one who decides how to accomplish the work. The blades of a jigsaw are essential to the function of the device. It would help if you were confident that your blade is of excellent quality and will provide a clean cut. There are different types of blades for different types of materials. It is essential that you know which one to use so that you can achieve the best results.

The manufacturers of jigsaws have different ways of attaching blades to their devices. How they do this can affect the quality of the cut. You should be aware of this to make an informed decision when purchasing a jigsaw. 

There are two primary types of cuts that a jigsaw can make: straight and curved. The type of cut you need will determine the blade you use. There are a few things to keep in mind when changing blades on a jigsaw.

DEWALT DCS331M1 20V Max Jigsaw Kit (Editorial Pick)

Known for its versatility, this brand’s product emphasizes how flexibility and versatility can be combined. As it can handle a variety of tasks in an efficient manner, the DEWALT DCS331M1 20V Max Jigsaw Kit keeps you occupied.

The model comes with several cool features that make it user-friendly. As a cordless and powerful tool, this 20-volt tool gives you remarkable value for the price. 

It has a powerful battery that can create 3000 strokes per minute, one of the highest being offered. In addition to being solidly built for performing heavy duty tasks, it is also very adaptable.

Consequently, it works on a wide variety of materials. Another exciting feature that enhances performance is the ability to quickly switch blades. You can work uninterrupted with this feature while saving time as well.

This tool also features 4-orbital adjustments and variable speed settings. As a result, you will be able to fine-tune the puzzle depending on the work at hand.Furthermore, with its ergonomic design, it’s highly comfortable for extended periods of time.

However, the price of this model is a bit higher than others. Even though it might not seem as significant of a factor, many people are unwilling to take a chance. Besides this, a zero clearance insert would have improved the design.


  • Quite comfortable
  • Long-lasting
  • The motor runs at a speed of 3,000 SPM
  • Ensures stability
  • Strong


  • No Clearance Inserts
  • Bit Expensive

Bosch JS470E 120V Top-Handle Jigsaw

The company is a market leader whose tools are robust and superior. In this tools jigsaw, you will find a multitude of features that fit the reputation of the brand. Since Bosch’s beginnings over 15 years ago, its products have been of exceptional quality.

The new JS470E 120V top-handle jigsaw tool comes with plenty of exciting improvements. The tool allows you to cut precisely so that you get a great finish.

An industrial design and a heavy-duty footplate give it the ability to handle harsh working conditions. It has been equipped with a robust aluminum gearbox to withstand heavy workloads.

The power generated by this model can be used in a wide variety of ways because of its 7-amp motor. With the motor’s 3100 strokes a minute, it can accurately cut multiple materials with clean edges.

The technology can therefore be used for a wide range of applications. Aside from these features, the tool also has a user-friendly ergonomic design.

However, the tool has two flaws. First, the price of these tools is very high, which may dissuade potential buyers from purchasing from this brand.Second, the blades of the jigsaw are susceptible to becoming distorted after continuous use.


  • Four-orbital adjustment
  • Designed for ease of use
  • Shoes made of die-cast aluminum
  • Cuts that are clean
  • 3100 SPM at no load


  • May Damage Blades in Longterm
  • Bit Expensive

SKIL 4495-02 Orbital Laser Jigsaw (Budget Friendly)

Its name gives you a clear idea of what it represents. SKIL 4495-02 Orbital Laser Jigsaw stands out for two main reasons: its skill and laser. In order to produce an accurate and beautiful result, this product has been adapted to produce a fine finish.

A jigsaw’s cutting ability is immediately what comes to mind when thinking about its characteristics.With this cordless jigsaw, you’ll be able to maneuver with ease. Also, it can be successfully used for woodworking and metal projects without much difficulty.

There are four settings for the orbital adjustment, which will let you choose the cutting speed and smoothness for different materials.As an addition to this, the variable speed system lets you choose the maximum number of strokes a minute, which are 3200 SPM.

Thanks to the 6-amp motor, it has one of the greatest strokes available. So you have more stability while cutting, a stable foot design has been added. Nevertheless, the laser built-in to the machine provides an optimal cutting guide.

Despite all of this product’s good aspects, it does have some drawbacks, including its weight. The tool is heavier than other tools, so a large number of people may have difficulty with it. You must be careful when operating this tool because it is heavy and hard to control.


  • Four-orbital adjustment
  • Ability to cut 22.5- and 45-degree bevels
  • Designing ergonomically
  • Reliable
  • Provides 3200 SPM


  • Difficult to Control
  • Heavy Weight

Makita 4329K Jigsaw

Despite having a simple name, the Makita 4329K Jigsaw stands out for its superior performance. This device will allow you to have an extremely fulfilling experience. Any machine must be highly reliable, and this model is equipped with a 3.9-amp motor.

Powered by the motor, the blades give 500 to 3100 strokes per minute. As a result, it can work quickly on a variety of challenging projects. A sturdy construction and ergonomic rubberized handles give it an industrial design.

A die-cast aluminum base also adds to its durability and comfort, allowing you to take care of most tasks without any difficulty.Additionally, it features variable speed settings and three orbital adjustments to allow precise cutting.

Furthermore, you can easily make long cuts with the lock-on feature. The machine is portable and easy to use, producing high-quality results, while remaining user-friendly.

Unfortunately, when using this tool, no debris protection is provided. With such a powerful device, this creates both safety and cleanup issues.Aside from this, the power cable cannot be stored properly because there is no storage container.


  • Handles are rubberized
  • Strong and durable
  • The lock-on feature
  • Ideal for long-term use
  • 3100 SPM is produced


  • Power Cord Storage Problem
  • No Debirs Cover

PORTER-CABLE PCC650B 20-Volt Jigsaw

It is easy to see the designers spent a great deal of time creating the PORTER-CABLE PCC650B 20-Volt jigsaw to be convenient and efficient. Its smooth design immediately catches one’s eye. In addition to a sleek design, it comes with unique features that offer it a competitive edge over its competitors.

There are 2500 strokes per minute possible when powered by the 20-volt lithium battery. Depending on the work, you can adjust the blade aggressiveness with the 3-orbital setting.

In addition to its cordless capabilities, it also has a bevelling shoe and a toolless blade release, allowing it to be used in a variety of applications.You can see its versatility when it easily cuts through wood and metal. A trigger with adjustable speed is also important in achieving perfect cuts and finishing so that your work stands out.

It works the same as any battery-operated device. Furthermore, the large handle exhibits an ergonomic design. As a result, you will be comfortable and stable while working.

As with other products, this device has some disadvantages. One of them is its weight which is heavier than most others. It may be tempting to look elsewhere for those who want lightweight and comfortable tools.The battery on this model also runs out, so you will need backup batteries.


  • Designing ergonomically
  • Blade release is tool-free
  • Produces 2500 SPM
  • Strong and durable
  • Strong


  • Limited Battery Timing
  • Heavy Weight

DEWALT DW331K Top Handle Jigsaw

With advanced features, the DEWALT DW331K Top Handle Jig Saw is certain to attract your attention. DeWalt’s model is a powerful tool that delivers many exciting features, including its 6.5-amp motor capable of producing 500 to 3100 strokes per minute.

It is possible to adjust how powerful the cuts should be by using the 4-position orbital action. Moreover, it can adapt to a wide variety of materials, making it useful for many different applications.

This machine allows adjustments while offering precise cutting through a variable speed control.This durable jigsaw comes with a plastic, non-marring shoe cover, and its gear case is made entirely out of metal. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for any type of cutting task, including those involving the most delicate of materials.

Additionally, the machine has a four-level bevel cutting system and a lock-on feature. You can achieve a flawless finish by combining these two features.

Customers frequently try to find products that are robust enough to endure tough employment. However, it has been found that this tool shows a tendency to deform when subjected to repeated stress.Additionally, the alignment is affected, which leads to a less satisfactory finish.


  • 3100 SPM is produced
  • Designed for ease of use
  • Gearbox made of all-metal
  • Four-degree bevel cutting capability
  • Lock-on capability


  • A few instances of improper alignment
  • Stress may cause deformation

Milwaukee 2445-20 18-Volt M12 jigsaw

When you look at the Milwaukee 2445-20 18-Volt M12 Jigsaw, it is instantly noticeable for its color combination. This product’s combination of red and black captures your attention immediately, making you want to find out more. There are many interesting features thanks to its designers.

A Red Lithium battery powers this compact, lightweight tool, allowing it to deliver powerful cuts. Cutting speeds range from 0 to 2800 per minute, and different materials can be cut quickly and efficiently.

The most significant change is the new hybrid grip, which brings this grip close to the material, allowing for greater control. The trigger has a variable speed setting for adjusting cutting speed based on your needs. In addition, the tool-free bevel capability and the Quik-Lok T-shank blade clamp are provided.

These two features increase stability and allow blade changes to be made quickly.

A LED light has also been added to the design to make it easier to see when cutting. Furthermore, the user-friendly fuel gauge measures runtime so you can keep track of how much fuel is left.

Additionally, as has previously been observed with other devices, debris generated by the machine results in markings being covered. Having to constantly stop to clear the line leads to frequent interruptions.

You need to be cautious because the blade can sometimes cut through the plastic guide.


  • Headlights with LEDs
  • System of counterbalancing
  • Approximately 2800 strokes per minute
  • An anti-marring shoe
  • Blade clamp with Quick-Lok T-Shank


  • The cutting line is hard to see
  • Plastic guides may be cut by the blade

Bosch 7.0 Amp Variable Speed Jigsaw

A range of features help to ease your workload with the Bosch 7.0 Amp Variable Speed Jigsaw. Using this tool, you will be able to use a variety of applications.

Our Bosch model on the list features a blade-changing system that does away with the need for tools, as well as blade ejection.

With these two features, the hot blade can be removed without touching it, and the blade itself can be inserted quickly. Four-in-one orbital action operates the seven-amp motor that powers the blades. The abrasion level of the blades can therefore be adjusted based on the nature of the task.

Further, there is an accelerator trigger to control the operating speed along with a variable speed dial that sets the maximum speed. This cutter has an easy-to-operate lock-on button, which helps you deal with the cutting process accurately.

Moreover, it offers durability thanks to a large, steel insert-inserted foot and onboard wrench. As well as being multi-directional, the blade clamps better grips T-shaped blades. Bosch could have ensured the markings are visible during the cutting process given that this is a well-known brand.

Due to dust accumulation, visibility has been impaired. As well as being costly, this tool may deter some buyers.


  • Blade change without tools
  • Ejecting blades without tools
  • 3100 SPM is produced
  • Better control with accelerator trigger
  • Onboard storage for a bevel wrench


  • Bit Expensive
  • Line Visibility is Difficult

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best jigsaws on the market?

DEWALT DCS331M1 20V Max Jigsaw Kit is the best jigsaw on the market.

What is the best jigsaws for home use?

PORTER-CABLE PCC650B 20-Volt Jigsaw is the best jigsaw for home use.

What should I look for in a jigsaw tool?

Power, durability, and usability are musts to be looked for in a jigsaw tool.

Can a jigsaw cut through plywood?

A: Yes, it can cut through wood, metal, plastic-, plywood, etc.


You can see a few things to remember when purchasing a jigsaw. These factors will help you choose the best tool for your needs. Be sure to consider all of them before making your final decision.

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