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Best Speed Square for precision work and more

A speed square is an essential tool for people in construction and other professions where square cuts are required. With speed squares, math becomes not entirely necessary as they have angles graduated on the body, which makes everything more comfortable and faster.

Due to their portability and versatility, having the best speed square possible is a must. They come in a range of different types and sizes, and are straightforward and easy to use. Different models have different features for different tasks. Others have features that are useful for specialized jobs like angled cutting.

Are you searching for a convenient device that will save you both time and money and provide maximum accuracy?

Here are some top choices for the best speed square available in the market with different working requirements, reviewed by the manufacturers, as well as buyers to ensure you have all of the necessary information possible, as well as a nice product selection to choose from, when buying your speed square.

Table of Contents

1Swanson S0101 7-Inch Speed Square (w/ Blue Book)⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
2Empire e2994 True Blue 7-Inch Rafter Square⭐⭐⭐⭐
3DeWalt DWHT46031 7-Inch Speed Square⭐⭐⭐
Swanson S0101 7-Inch Speed Square (w/ Blue Book)
Empire e2994 True Blue 7-Inch Rafter Square
DeWalt DWHT46031 7-Inch Speed Square

1.1. Swanson S0101 7-Inch Speed Square (w/ Blue Book)

Swanson S0101 is a very important construction tool that is made with a heavy-gauge aluminum alloy billet. It is a tool that ensures increased accuracy during your construction process.

It comes with an array of features that makes it one of the best speed square, here are some of them:


  1. Heavy-gauge aluminum alloy which enables it to last long and still gives an accurate measurement.
  2. Die cast to increase accuracy
  3. Laser-etched and extrude stamped
  4. Graduations include those of making common, hip, valley and jack rafters
  5. Good for making angles and determining square cuts on boards
  6. Highly visible black graduates with non-glare for efficient reading
  7. Can serve as an out-of-square corner angle finder and layout square
  8. Die cast for durability and accuracy
  9. The one number method of graduation makes it easy to read the numbers hence easy to use for anybody
  10. Available in; try square, miter square, saw guide line, scriber and a protractor
  11. 12 inch in size


  • The aluminium is sturdy and durable
  • It has easy- to- read markings


  • Slipping of a square through QC with die casting flaws, which can affect measurements or readability in extreme cases

1.2. Empire e2994 True Blue 7-Inch Rafter Square

The Empire Level e2994 rafter square is much easier to read and more durable than traditional silver squares because of its highly visible laser-etched graduations that will last for years without fading.

The e2994 is constructed of 6063 anodized aluminum so it will not rust, corrode, bend or crack.

It is the best speed square because It features a thicker edge than other products available in the market, which creates a safer saw guide.



  • Anodized and rust-free coating
  • Very accurate readings
  • One year warranty and repair service


  • Easily damaged if too much pressure is applied

1.3. DeWalt DWHT46031 7-Inch Speed Square

Dewalt is another name in construction and professional trades that has a long and storied history of excellence. Their 7-Inch Aluminum Rafter Square is no exception.

The extra-thick extruded aluminum is built to withstand the most rigorous wear and tear, making it a great precision speed square to use as a saw guide.

The contrasting color gradations make this easy on the eyes, and easier to get accurate readings from regardless of the glare or weather conditions. The larger base is also ideal for getting a more secure grip on whatever materials you are working on.

Dewalt makes products that professionals don’t mind paying slightly extra for, and this great universal tool looks like it belongs in any home workshop or professional setting.

This lightweight tool is simple to carry and store on almost any belt, and the base lip gives you a more secure fit to the wood or whatever surface you are working on.

If you are serious about cutting symmetrical, straight lines, you can’t go wrong with a speed square from a company like Dewalt.


  • It is sturdy


  • The colour also means this tool can soak up a lot of heat in sunlight, so be sure to keep it shaded
  • The edges of the square can be rough on pencils

1.4. Irwin Tools 1794463 7-Inch Rafter Square

Not all carpenters, homeowners, and DIYers see well in low-light conditions, or with low-contrast tools, so IRWIN TOOLS created this high-visibility speed square. Its measurements and rafter table angles are easy to read, painted in bright yellow against a glossy blue background.

This color combination is helpful to make the square stand out on a tool bench or if it gets dropped on the ground since it stands out really well on grass. It’s made from aluminum alloy, making it weather- and rust-resistant as well.

All these features include Irwin tools in the list of the best speed squares. Unfortunately, the square’s low -quality can chip off easily if it’s nicked or bumped up against other metal tools.


  • It is perfect for when you need a mitre to cut angles
  • The markings are high contrast, which makes it easy to take accurate measurements
  • The aluminium is very sturdy


  • Poor paint jobs that make it hard to take readings

1.5. CH Hanson 03060 Pivot Square

CH Hanson’s Pivot Square is one of the most versatile versions of this tool on the market. It comes with a locking mechanism that allows you to set the square at different angles to ensure you get accurate repetitive cuts. It is great for cutting in either degree or roof pitches, and is the ideal roofer and carpenter’s tool.

The three UV- resistant built-in level vials allow you to accurately and effectively determine roof angles and pitches. They indicate the grade, make miter cuts easy, and make for easy leveling and plumbing cuts

Like most good speed squares, this product from CH Hanson is made from high- quality machined aluminum alloy. This product is robust, precision speed square, and an indispensable tool for anyone working for themselves, or others.

One thing to take note of, however, is that once you set it to a certain angle, you will need to be careful when putting it down, or back into a tool pouch to ensure you don’t lose the setting.


  • Durable
  • Made from aluminum alloy


  • Lock on the side slips too frequently

1.6. Johnson Level & Tool 1904-0700 Johnny Square

Johnson Level & Tool is a professional grade 7-inch speed square made for unparalleled accuracy and durability. A solid aluminum body and CNC machined edges give you near-perfect accuracy on any construction site or in any shop.

Whether you want some that works as a saw guide, something to mark cut lines, or need a scale for cutting different kinds of rafters, this 7″ “Johnny Square” does it all.

This is one of the best speed squares because the permanent graduations are extra clear and easy to read on this speed square and the constant scribing notches make marking dead simple.

The matte black finish also makes reading this square really simple. No more confusing your readings and measurements because the sun was in your eyes.

The white and black areis unmistakable and areis great for carpenters and other professionals whose eyesight isn’t what it once was.

This product was made by and for professional tradesmen, and the laser- etched markings and numbers are designed to stand up to the elements, and stand the test of time.


  • It comes with five scribe slots
  • Some variants of the square are magnetized
  • The speed square comes with easy to read markings
  • It has a durable coating


  • The coating negatively impacts the markings

1.7. Swanson Tool T0118 Speedlite Square

Are you a new homeowner putting together your first toolset? The Swanson Speedlite Level Square is a worthy addition. It boasts a built-in bubble level and it’s made of durable, lightweight hard plastic.

It features all the hallmarks that make Swanson speed squares so great, including the “Diamond” cut-out and pencil notches for scribing boards.

Plus, the added heft of the level provides a little extra to hang onto when using the square as a saw guide. The square is a bit difficult to read, so use a permanent marker to increase legibility if you find this problematic.


  • The bevelled edge makes it easier to read
  • The scribe line notches are spaced 1/8 of an inch apart
  • It has a centerline guide, which aids in finding the centre of round stock
  • You can choose between a gentle matte grey or high visibility yellow or orange for the finish
  • The square is very durable


  • It is very fragile
  • The markings have low visibility


Tools are used for accurate and speedy work. A best quality Speed square is one of the most valuable tools for the carpenter for accurate measurement.Ensure that the speed square you are getting has accurate measurements, is painted for high visibility, and is made from durable materials.

Getting the most expensive speed square doesn’t mean your work will be perfect, that takes practice and consistency.Instead, go for the suitable size of speed square for your needs. You don’t need to get the fanciest square out there, especially if you are a hobbyist. Go for something practical.

It’s worth mentioning that if you are going to be working a lot in the sun, then you should stay away from steel squares as they will get hot and be uncomfortable or painful to hold.


Q: Who makes the best speed square?

A: Below is the list of companies that makes the best speed square:

  1. BEST OVERALL: Swanson Tool S0101 7-inch Speed Square
  2. RUNNER-UP: Mr. Pen  Metal 7 -inch Rafter square
  3. UPGRADE PICK: Swanson Tool S0107 12-Inch Speed Square
  4. EASIEST TO FIND: Swanson Tool T0118 Speedlite Square Layout Tool
  5. EASIEST TO READ: IRWIN Tools Rafter Square, 7-Inch
  6. BEST FOR THE WORKSHOP: Johnson Level & Tool Magnetic Square

Q: What size speed square should I get?

A: If you are looking to get a speed square, then you already know that the main sizes of the squares are 7 and 12 inches. If you are in search of something you can carry about in your tool belt then a 7″ speed square is what you need, and it may be adequate for your hobby. The 12″ square is great for those who work with large lumber; you can use it to measure two by eight lumbers. Of course, if you are a professional, you may need to have both sizes of speed squares and even the more unpopular size, like the 8″ square.

Q: Are speed squares accurate?

A: The sturdy construction is perfect for when you need a miter to cut angles reliably. The high contrast markings make measurements both accurate and easy to read. Many users reported the square feels more like steel than aluminum and is incredibly durable. This makes speed Square an accurate tool.

Q: What is the best framing square?

A: A framing square is more than just a measurement and layout tool, and in fact, it is one of the most frequently used builder tools. The most essential tool which is used in solving roof framing problems in solving various constructional problems is the framing square. IRWIN Tools Hi-Contrast Aluminum Framing Square, Starrett RS-24 Steel L-Shaped Rafter/Framing Square, Johnson Level & Tool Professional Steel Carpenter Square CS10, Empire Level e1190 Anodized Aluminum Professional Framing Square should be your top picks

Q: What is the best square for woodworking?

A: There are different types of squares, and they all have different shapes and sizes. As a woodworker, you will need to use various types of squares for your jobs. To check right angles in frames or stairs a framing square is well suited to the job, a try square will also be great to mark right angles.; and if you need to mark or check small cuts in lumber, then a combination square comes to play.

Q: How thick is a speed square?

A: The speed square is available in two sizes. The smaller size is seven inches on a side (the hypotenuse is just under ten inches), while the larger version is twelve by twelve by seventeen inches (actually, for sticklers who know the Pythagorean Theorem, the precise measurement is 16.97 inches).

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