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Best Tile Saw On The Market In 2021

As you set out on your tile project, it is vital to consider both the tile saw you are going to use as well as the tiles themselves.

The best tile saws are capable of cutting ceramics, tiles, and more with the help of diamond blades, which can differ in bed size, power, and water capacity, which are important considerations when buying the best tile saw for your job.

Some tile saws also use water, though not all, which reduces dust and friction as well as increases blade durability. Do not overlook the possibility of sliding beds, according to which it is easier to slide tiles safely under the blade when they are slid along the floor.

Even with so many features at your disposal, a tile saw may not fit your needs, so you must properly evaluate your work requirements beforehand. This shopping guide contains advice and suggestions to help you start your project.

Table of Contents

DEWALT D24000S Tile Saw – Best Overall
SKIL 3540-02 Tile Saw – Best Value
Chicago Electric 2.5HP Tile Saw

1.1. Types Of Tile Saws

Once you begin your search for the best tile saw, you may not have to wait long to find out that there are several types of tile saws on the market. Different types have different ways of working, so trying to understand the variations will allow you to choose which is best for you and your project.

Grinding Wheel

Professional tile cutters prefer using an electric grinder with a diamond-encrusted wheel whenever cutting tiles. In case you already possess a grinder, a wheel may be an interesting option. A grinder that uses these wheels functions likewise as a handheld saw, although it has some disadvantages.

The power of grinders is amazing, so they’re perfect for dealing with granite and other tough materials. The problem is that they can be uncomfortable in the hand’s score line because they are not as balanced as handheld tools.

Moreover, there is no flat surface for the tiles to rest on, resulting in the possibility of cutting corners if not careful. Grinding wheels offer the capability of creating perfect cuts using the wheel’s surface, as opposed to cutting with just the blade of an ordinary handheld saw. It can be a hassle to work with a grinder.

Getting a vacuum cleaner next to your spinning wheel is recommended if you want to reduce noise and messes.

Wet Tile Saw

Wet tile saws are among the most common tools used to cut tile. The diamond-coated and rapid-spinning blades on these electric saws are used for cutting tiles with accuracy and speed. A wet saw looks like a table was, except that it has a basin of water at the bottom.

The water provides both cooling and lubrication to the blades of the tile saw, and at the same time minimizes airborne dust.

In a similar way to how you can bevel wood with a table saw, you can cut angles and bevels with your tile saw. Sometimes this can be accomplished by adjusting the deck or top of the saw instead of tilting it.

Most wet saws include adjustable fences or sliding beds, allowing you to manipulate the tile as it passes through the blade. Variations in sliding bed length exist between models, allowing you to cut larger floor tiles if the bed is longer.

Handheld Saw

It isn’t necessary to own a large wet saw to accurately and quickly cut tile. Handheld models powered by electricity or batteries make it easy to compactly cut tiles with intricate shapes around moldings and cabinets.

Medium to large tiles are most effective with them, although smaller tiles can also take advantage of them if they are attached to fiberglass sheets. Handheld tile saws are similar to circular saws in look and operation.

Both wet and dry versions of these saws come with diamond-coated blades. Wet versions of these saws are usually fitted with hoses for lubrication and dust control, otherwise, the dust is simply released by dry ones.

One of the main benefits of a handheld tile saw is that it can handle corners and irregular shapes. They are also easier to set up and quick to use, making them ideal for jobs requiring just a shortcut or two. On the downside, it can be difficult to develop an accurate technique, which takes some time and practice.

Also, these saws are messier since there is no water basin to collect water, so it is probably best to operate them outdoors.

Tile Cutter

To cut tiles into custom shapes, a tile cutter is typically the best and cheapest option. Since they do not utilize electricity or batteries to operate, they are perfect for cutting certain types of tiles straight across.

In the installation of glass tiles or ceramic tiles, tile cutters provide an efficient method of cutting glass and ceramic tiles in a clean, fast manner. By using a blade made of tungsten carbide, these tools score cut lines across the tile’s surface.

By pulling a lever, you apply pressure to both ends of the score line. A tile will snap in place along the line if enough force is applied. The process does not produce much dust, but some glass fragments may remain.

Furthermore, since the tile needs to be broken, the corners don’t meet up as beautifully as with a diamond-encrusted power tool. Furthermore, their cutting capabilities are limited so they can’t make very precise cuts and curves.

1.2. A Guide to Choosing the Best Tile Saw

With a better understanding of the different types of tile saws out there, you should keep these other considerations in mind as you hunt for the best tile saw. Here are some guidelines for selecting the best tile saw for your job, which will help you decide what is most important for you.

1.3. Quality of Blades

If your tile blade is of poor quality, you might end up overspending and disappointed. Using cheap blades can make your tiles chip, make the process more complicated, and in the end cause you more headaches.

Most saws are equipped with diamond-grit blades, which are vital for fast cutting. In contrast, budget-friendly saws that tend to come with substandard blades wiggle a little when cutting, resulting in an uneven cut.

The blades also lose their sharpness quickly, meaning you must exert more effort to move through. If you are having trouble getting the job done, it might be something wrong with the blade.

A better blade can help improve the cutting performance of an affordable saw, so if you’re disappointed, consider using a better blade.

1.4. Accuracy & Quality of Cut

Choosing the right tile can mean drastically changing the overall design of a space, so it’s imperative to pay attention to the saw’s accuracy and quality of cut while choosing a tile. With certain saws, it is easier to make precise cuts.

For wet saws, look for one that offers guides to simplify making precision cuts. Guides can be adjustable fences similar to table saws, or they can be sliding beds that secure the tiles while they are being cut.

Adjustable bevels will also let you make precise cuts outside and inside corners, making them perfect for use as base molding.

Tile saws for grinding and handheld applications vary in accuracy according to their capabilities. You can use laser attachments and guides with some handheld saws for guiding while you are cutting.

1.5. Tiling Types

A tile saw’s performance is greatly influenced by the kind of tile you use. It may be necessary to add extra features to certain materials to get the most effective results.

As a general rule, ceramic, porcelain, and glass are easy to cut, so almost any saw will work. In contrast, marble is fragile enough to break easily, making a tile cutter an inappropriate choice.

Some natural materials, such as stone, terracotta, and brick, typically cause lots of dust and require wet sawing if the debris is overwhelming and difficult to work with.

Hand-held wet/dry tile saws are the most versatile tile cutters. When using a wet saw, cutting is more accurate due to the blade following closely behind. In case you’re not sure which saw would work best for your tile, either of these would do the job.

1.6. Water Feed

Using water during tile cutting helps make the process much easier and faster. Despite splashes being messy, having quick, accurate cuts and working in an environment with little dust can be worth it.Water feeds onto the blade of the saw in one way or another.

Wet saws often lack any feed mechanism, relying instead on the blades diving below the saw’s surface into the water basin. Another method involves pumping water out through the blade. In addition to being more efficient, pumps ensure that the cuts are kept wet, however they may be more costly.

Water mixed with power is a risk you should be aware of. Fortunately, splashes don’t harm the motors as they are already protected, making a wet saw less likely to shock a user. If your saw is severely damaged, you should consider replacing it.

1.7. Is a Tile Saw necessary?

As with concrete or stone saws, diamond blades allow for optimal cutting of tile. Cutting tools with sharp blades can chip material rapidly. If you want your tile saw to last a long time, keep it cool by continually running water.

Similarly, water keeps blades clean from dust, allowing them to remain effective and sharp. These capabilities are not included in a regular circular saw. Here are a few more benefits of it.

1.8. Versatile

Besides cutting tiles, a tile saw offers a variety of other functions. With a tile saw, you can efficiently cut materials like marble, granite, stone, and so on. Tile saws are also commonly used for cutting hard foods like peanut brittle and other hard foods.

Tile saws are capable of cutting more than just tiles since you can also use them on wood, glass, and many other materials. Each purpose requires a special blade, however.

1.9. Money-Saving

You can save an incredible amount of money if you use a tile saw. Instead of calling a contractor for small projects around the house, attempt to complete them yourself. It is not uncommon for contractors to charge astoundingly high fees, and you will have to pay percentage rates as per your tiles.

In order for your tiles to be shaped further, you will be required to pay an additional fee. Save your money by investing once in a tile saw rather than hiring contractors repeatedly.

You can save an incredible amount of money if you use a tile saw. Instead of calling a contractor for small projects around the house, attempt to complete them yourself.

It is not uncommon for contractors to charge astoundingly high fees, and you will have to pay percentage rates as per your tiles.

In order for your tiles to be shaped further, you will be required to pay an additional fee. Save your money by investing once in a tile saw rather than hiring contractors repeatedly.

1.10. DEWALT D24000S Tile Saw – Best Overa

Users of Dewalt tools are well aware of the quality of the company’s items. This is also true of the Dewalt D24000S Wet Tile Saw, hence it ranks highly in our ranking of the best wet tile saws.

Whether you are a contractor, a handyperson, or a DIYer, this saw’s precision and speed are perfect. Stainless steel rails are a key feature of the D24000S, which greatly contributes to its success. With its cutting capabilities and plunge feature, it is sure to meet your expectations.

This utility makes it possible for you to quickly remove electrical outlets and air conditioning registers. Furthermore, it comes equipped with a diamond-plated Dewalt blade and a couple of sprayers that direct the water to its intended destinations.

D24000S also comes in a compact design, with a weight of only 69 pounds. The saw is enclosed with a carrying case that allows easy and quick setup. Additionally, this product comes with its own stand as well as the saw itself.

Contractors can be inconvenienced by the lack of a stand. On a job site, finding a stable platform is sometimes difficult.

Furthermore, the frame’s compact size allows it to be easily stored at home or in the car. As the best tile saw available today, it combines versatility, power, and accuracy.


  • The wet tile saw with the best cutting precision
  • A simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Storage and transportation are easy
  • Electrical outlets can be quickly and easily cut with the plunger feature
  • The stand and saw are included


  • Price is high

1.11. SKIL 3540-02 Tile Saw – Best Value

Wet tile saws are costly and may not be appropriate for many DIYers. This Skil 3540-02 is the best value for your money, with a rental cost of around the same as a wet tile saw at the hardware store.

This quality saw is offered by a renowned manufacturer to help you complete the tiling project in the most cost-effective manner. With the Skil, you can cut tiles quickly by taking advantage of its many features.

The top of the tool is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel capable of cutting tiles up to 12 inches by 12 inches. It features a rip fence as well as a miter gauge so the user can perform a variety of cuts.Rotating bevels can have an angle ranging from 0 to 45 degrees, which means you’ve got plenty of options when you’re cutting tile.

The Skil also features a diamond-encrusted 7-inch blade, as well as an integrated blade cooling system that prevents the blade from overheating. Additionally, it prevents dust accumulation.

Even though this tile cutter is perfect for beginners, it does not include as many features as the Dewalt or the Chicago. This saw is perfect for small-scale cuts, but for more advanced jobs or large tile jobs, it is not up to the task.

This is a good tool for domestic tasks, but you must buy something like a Chicago or Dewalt for contract work. As a whole, this tile saw provides great value for the price.


  • Miter gauge and adjustable rip fence
  • Cut angles ranging from 0 to 45 degrees
  • Affordable price range


  • Supports only 12×12" tiles
  • Not intended for contractors
  • Deficiency of power

1.12. Chicago Electric 2.5HP Tile Saw

There is no doubt that the Chicago electric tool is close to surpassing the Dewalt D24000S. Tile wet saws from Chicago offer a range of options for making precision cuts and ensuring a high-quality end product.

Tiles of different types can be cut using the adjustable cutting head, as well as bricks as big as 3½ inches. Thanks to its remarkably large cutting area and versatility, even amateur tile cutters will be able to utilize it for tile-cutting purposes.

A 3 GPM water pump is also available in the Chicago Electric, ensuring a continuous stream of water. It also comes with a cutting bar with precision, featuring an extra-large steel handle that makes delicate cuts easier.Cutting brick and tile is easy with the 2.5-HP engine, which runs at 15 amps, mounted on a cast aluminum base that helps minimize vibration.

Despite having less power than the Dewalt saw, the saw is less expensive and can offer excellent results regardless of the material. A contractor or DIYer in need of finishing a product should buy this tile saw.


  • The machine can cut up to 24 inches
  • Tiles and bricks can be cut using this tool
  • Engine: 15 amps, 2.5 horsepower


  • The stand is not included
  • It's not compact
  • Plunge cutting feature does not exist

1.13. Chicago Electric Bridge Tile Saw

Unlike most of its price-competitive peers, the saw is capable of cutting large tiles, handling one of the most common challenges. Chicago Electric’s 7-inch bridge tile saw is capable of cutting up to 20-inch long masonry.

With its 45-degree tilt, it’s simple to cut beveled edges. In spite of the affordable price, the tile cutter offers excellent performance, even when cutting large tiles.

Mainly, the saw’s disadvantage is the lack of some extras. Firstly, this saw does not include a blade, something the saw will obviously need to perform the intended task.

Furthermore, the device needs to be mounted on a stand. However, the stand is also not provided. When you factor in the additional expense of both the blade and the stand, it’s a bit more expensive than it seems.


  • It can cut tiles up to 20” in length
  • Bevels with a 45-degree angle


  • This kit does not include a blade
  • It does not include a stand

1.14. MK-370EXP Tile Saw

The MK-370 EXP is one of the lightest and most portable tile saws available today. This is a great tool if you constantly have to move on the job site and its lightweight design makes it an easy tool for a single user to move.

It boasts a 1 ¼ horsepower motor that allows the user to cut through tiles that are 18×13. This tile saw may look small, but it is quite powerful. Several tiles with a thickness of 18 inches can be cut, and it features a plunger that enhances cutting precision when cutting holes for pipes and outlets.

Moreover, the blades are attached to hinges that enable quick and uncomplicated blade replacements. This MK-370 offers a 45-degree miter system, a water pump, and a 7-inch long wet cutting blade.

Moreover, it comes with special safety and protection feature that stops the saw from functioning once the locking key has been removed. This wet tile cutting saw is an excellent option for all the contractors out there a beneficial add-on to their workplace.


  • Easily transportable and light in weight
  • The plunge cut feature is available
  • 45 bevels miter system
  • Improved Safety Feature


  • Less powerful as compared to other saws
  • Cuts the tile to a limited size

1.15. Porter Cable PCC780LA Wet Tile Saw

This Porter Cable 20V MAX is a cordless wet tile saw is the tool for you if you want a movable tile saw while working, this amazing feature makes it useful for the workers during long projects.

At a very reasonable price, this lightweight, small and portable tool is preferred by a number of professional workers. Moreover, this wet tile saw also comes with a table that slides, and this feature is hard to find among this size of saws available on the market.

No doubt, its design also has some downsides, for instance, it cannot cut tiles greater than 12-inch sizes. Therefore, if you have plans to work on large-sized tiles for you, we wouldn’t recommend this tile saw.

This Porter Cable’s wet tile saw is powered by a 20 Volt battery. Hence, it will not be a good option for you if you want to work constantly for several hours without any hassle. Another drawback of this battery is that this wet tile saw is not as strong as it should be.

You will have to use it very carefully and delicately so that the motor doesn’t run out of order. This can ultimately reduce the productivity level of the tile saw and hence it takes a longer time to work than required.

If you don’t need a portable tool then this tile saw is not much recommendable.


  • It’s a cordless tile saw
  • Contains a sliding table


  • Can only cut tiles up to 12”x12”
  • Shorter battery life
  • Lacks in power

1.16. SKIL 3550-02 Wet Tile Saw

This wet tile saw offered by SKIL is a portable, small and medium-priced tool. Having the capability of cutting around 18 inches of tiles, this is an amazing saw with this price. Moreover, this tile saw cuts at the angles of 22.5 degrees as well as 45 degrees.

Its specifically designed HydroLock water carrying system allows it to keep the water on the saw blade and water storage and hence makes your working environment less messy. Despite this extraordinary system, at times it can be difficult for you to deal with it.

It entirely conceals your cut, making it nearly impossible for you to watch your work. If you lift to see what you are doing, you will be drenched.

A fence that can assist you in performing clean cuts is available even with this HydraLock system, but that too is not much reliable and does not have a strong enough clasp to keep it straight.

The blade also raises the tile, requiring you to lower it again. With that much force, it’s difficult to make clean cuts, so the last part frequently chips off.


  • Reasonable price
  • Transportable
  • Can cut up to 18” tiles


  • Can’t see the work when using the HydraLock system
  • Blades push the tiles
  • Tiles may chip frequently
  • The fence is included but not useful

1.17. Leegol Electric 7-Inch Wet Tile-Saw

Another affordable tool for your consideration is the Leegol Electric tile saw. There is a metal tabletop on this wet tile saw that facilitates sliding the tiles through.

In addition, this tabletop facilitates cutting with bevels and angles by tilting. A modestly priced product with a small footprint fills the final opening on this list.

It features an easy-to-slide metal tabletop that lets you slide tiles through it easily. To make beveled cuts, the whole tabletop pivots as well. Moreover, this saw comes with a lifetime warranty too.

An entire 4-inch tile gets stuck in the motor on this saw. Despite moving at a very slow pace, it constantly bogs down. With the water cover down, you cannot see your cuts, but if it is lifted, it soaks you.

Likewise, the fence included isn’t of any use. In addition to this, the blade is too thin, which diverts it from being centered when cutting. Thus, cuts are not going to be perfectly straight.

Even though it’s available at a low price, this tile saw likely won’t do the job for you, unless you need it very occasionally for light use.


  • Affordable price


  • The motor is weak
  • The problem of water cover
  • The fence includes is not good and reliable
  • The weak and thin blade

1.18. QEP 3/5 HP Tile Saw (4-Inch)

This QEP ⅗ HP Tile saw comes with a small 4-inches blade, unlike other tile saws that offer 7-inch blades mostly. Considering its cheap price the product does not stand out in the market.

The company claims that the tile saw can cut up to 24-inch of tiles which seems nearly impossible with this 4 inches blade.As it takes a lot of time to cut even 12-inch tiles because it needs to be feed at a slow pace so that excess bogging of the motor can be avoided.

The tile saw also contains a water containment system housing the blade but the system is not much effective and reliable as described. Moreover, the fence is included like other competitors but it is not a useful one.

In the same way, the miter gauge comes with it but playing no significant role. Without any doubt, you get several prominent features at a cheap price but they don’t function well enough to perform a heavy-duty task.


  • Cheap and affordable


  • The 4-inch blade that is too small
  • Added features and accessories are not much useful
  • Water spills out despite water containment system

1.19. Roberts 10-600 Electric Staple Gun

The Roberts electric staple gun is created for carpet installation 20 gauge, 3/16” crown staples. This electric staple gun is ideal for a variety of flooring and professional tasks. The stapler can stock up to 85 staplers and is equipped with a robust 15 amp drive solenoid. This electric gun can also be used for upholstering and general repairs mostly carpeting. It has a convenient non-slippery plastic handle for easy grip and supreme comfort reducing hand fatigue.

Roberts 10-600 fits nicely in your hands and there is no chance of misfiring and it lands exactly where it aims. This robust stapler is made of quality material and can go through thick layers of fabric without any difficulty. Apart from being powerful, it’s quite secure and designed for large-sized projects. This reliable and durable tool for upholstery has 12 feet long cord and has sheer power output. Roberts 10-600 is always ready to deal with tasks every time.

The only drawback is its 7.3 pounds weight so it cannot be considered as a light tool. People who are working on large projects should keep this fact in mind.


  • High in-sensitivity
  • Large cones produce a big volume
  • Compact design with 150W RMS power


  • Power capability is slightly less.


Q: What is the best staple gun to buy?

A: Topec 3 in 1 Manual Staple Gun is the best gun to buy as it is perfect for home wire fitting, woodworking renovation and furniture fixing. Topec 3 in 1 executes every task neatly and professionally. It has a pressure setting knob, a firm handle, Handle lock, super soft rubber handle and staple remover. This multifunctional tool for upholstery, painting and decorations, fixing wires, doors and windows reinforcement weighs only 1.41 pounds.

Q: What is the best manual staple gun?

A: Topec 3 in 1 Manual Staple Gun is the best manual gun. Topec 3 in 1 staple gun is a high-yielding gun for upholstery furniture usually seats with soft paddings, patching materials, embellishment and carpentry. Topec staple is Geprüfte Sicherheit (tested safely) optional authorization mark for mechanical equipment.

Q: What kind of staple gun do I need for wood?

A: Surebonder 9600B Pneumatic Heavy-Duty Staple Gun is the best for wood projects. This multipurpose tool provides accuracy mandatory for special tasks like screen door renovation, finalizing cabinets and fashioning picture frames.

Q: Does Walmart have staple guns?

A: Yes, Walmart has all kinds of staple guns. You can see a variety of manual and electric staple guns on Walmart’s website and order at once. You can see the specs and choose any staple gun depending on your budget and project requirement.

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