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7 Best Wrench Sets

With any automotive repairs you do, wrenches are a necessity in your toolkit. It is true that certain tasks can be handled by pliers, a screwdriver, or even a hammer – but when it comes to working on more involved tasks, you must have one of the best wrench sets in your tool kit, and that’s what we are here for, this article won’t make you feel disappointed

All toolboxes should include a good socket wrench set and a corresponding ratchet toolset. 

Like a fancy restaurant’s wine list offering a wide variety. The standard wrench with one open end opposite a boxed end is the simplest of all hand tools. But you can also upgrade your mechanic tool kit by adding wrenches with ratcheting wrenches, flexible heads, professional-grade wrenches, and affordable wrenches. With the right wrench, you can work in tight spaces and complete tasks that you would otherwise need to leave to a mechanic.

Table of Contents

1Gearwrench 28-Pc Full Polish SAE/Metric Combination Wrench Set⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
2Gearwrench Metric Combination Wrench Set ⭐⭐⭐⭐
3 MILWAUKEE Combination Metric Wrench Tool Set⭐⭐⭐
Gearwrench 28-Pc Full Polish SAE/Metric Combination Wrench Set
Gearwrench Metric Combination Wrench Set
MILWAUKEE Combination Metric Wrench Tool Set

1.1. Wrench Set Features to Consider

With so many options available in the market, are you finding it tough to pick the best wrench set? Well, that’s what we are here for. You must consider the below-mentioned features before adding a wrench set to your toolbox.

A tool's material and finish

The best wrench sets must have the durability and strength to work effectively as an ordinary wrench set can leave you disappointed and your hard-earned cash may go to waste. They should be made of strong materials so that they do not crack when put under a lot of stress.

Moreover, the quality of the finishing on the tool is equally important, as it prevents corrosion at the surface while contributing to its aesthetic appeal. Shiny chrome is the primary finish on most tools, but black oxide and other finishes are also trendy options.

System of measurement

There are two measurement systems available for wrench sets: metric and SAE. The SAE systems use fractions of inches to describe wrench sizes, while the metric systems use millimeters.

Regardless of the fact that most modern cars use the metric system, professionals should still possess wrench sets from both systems to be able to offer their customers a more comprehensive range of services. In contrast, beginners who start out working for a car dealer can probably do quite well with only a metric set of tools.

Configuration of the wrench

Numerous types of wrenches are available on the market, based on their intended use. When selecting a wrench configuration, several factors, such as the work environment, tools required, skill, and budget, must be considered.

Combination wrenches, as their name implies, come in two forms (open-end and closed-end). This type requires you to choose the product based on its beam length and ratcheting capability. In general, wrenches come in three sizes: standard, stubby, and extra-long.

In contrast, ratcheting wrenches almost work like regular wrenches and are generally faster but can’t be used for breaking nuts or bolts.

Offset angle

Each wrench is provided with a slight offset on the box end that makes it easier for users to fit it into tight spaces. This is to ensure that the tool will get to the nut below the surface that it surrounds. Nonetheless, it can be beneficial as well as detrimental. If you are an auto mechanic, get one of each.

Wrenches Types

Flare or Tube Wrenches

Tube wrenches and flare wrenches have a specific use. The wrenches look quite similar to six-point box end wrenches except one section is missing. The opening on the tool allows it to slip over a bolt or tube, making it easy to put it on the fastener.

Basically, the nuts that are used to secure copper tubing are usually made of delicate, soft materials such as plastic or brass. Regular open-end wrenches can round off the corners of a nut because they do not make contact with the whole surface. The flare wrench or tube wrenches are extremely useful for removing brake lines from cars or compressing copper piping for water filters, dishwashers, or ice machines.

Open-Ended Wrench

The most basic wrench is the open-ended one. U-shaped openings on both ends of the wrench grip the fastener with their opposite faces. These days, many open-ended wrenches come with different-sized wrenches on both ends of the handle. Additionally, handle features can include both a box-end and an open-end.

Box Wrenches

The box-ended wrench or the box is another frequently used tool. The end of these tools completely surrounds, or “boxes,” the fasteners. In general, box end wrenches come in six-point or 12-point configurations.

Box wrenches with six points have the best stability. These are the best option for heavy-duty applications and apply the same amount of force to both edges of the fastener. However, using a 12-point tool doubles the number of positions where the box end fits on the fastener.

This is particularly useful in places where swinging an arc is constrained by a small amount of space. A 12 point box end has the drawback that it has a greater possibility of roundover in applications involving high torque. However, it is easier for them to remove the fastener heads.

Pipe Wrench

The pipe wrench is a common but specialized type of adjustable wrench. A fixed upper jaw is attached to a movable lower jaw on these heavy-duty tools. Heavy serrations on the jaws allow them to bite through steel or galvanized pipes.

The jaws are typically fastened in place to be replaced when worn out. Additionally, smooth jaws are also available to avoid damaging certain surfaces when they are turned. Moreover, the steel handles of these tools make them durable.

Adjustable Wrench

Adjustable wrenches work like open-ended ones. They can be adjusted to fit nut and bolt sizes of various lengths and widths by adjusting the parallel distance between jaws. Such tools are useful if you do not have a wrench of the right size and do not require a lot of force.

The only downside is that the jaws drift a bit. Often, they move slightly with every use, causing the nut or bolt to round off or slip off. However, an adjustable wrench requires frequent checking to make sure that it is firmly clamped on the fastener.

1.2. Gearwrench 28-Pc Full Polish SAE/Metric Combination Wrench Set

Gearwrench’s 28 Piece 6-point combination SAE/Metric wrench set is great for a number of reasons. First of all, the price is incredible considering what you get. The entire set costs less than $100. In addition, if you are starting out, investing in a set of wrenches that covers both SAE and metric sizes is a wise move.

With this wrench, you get a nice 15° offset that makes it easier to work in tight areas.

Furthermore, the wrench comes with a six-point set that is preferred, since it grips better on the handle end of a wrench, and it is less likely to round off bolt or nut heads.

Also, the chrome’s full polish ensures easy cleaning. Even years after usage, the wrenches remain as good as new.


  • Design of the box end that gives better grip while minimizing fastener rounding
  • Six-point box-end fits tightly on hex nuts
  • Made of alloy steel to maximize strength and tool life
  • Anticorrosive


  • The bearing surfaces do not make precise contact with the fastener
  • On some wrenches, the numbers aren't straight

1.3. Gearwrench Metric Combination Wrench Set

GearWrench’s combination wrench set fits almost everyone with sizes ranging from 6mm to 32mm, making it a versatile set for a range of uses.

For maximum strength, the set’s 22 wrenches are crafted from alloy steel and polished chrome-plated. The wrenches are stored in cloth tool rolls in the box for easy access, portability, and convenience.

Surface Drive construction assures the wrenches firm grip on any nut with GearWrench’s wrench ends. As a result of the grooves, the gearbox is not only less likely to slip but also produces about 25% more torque.

In addition, the closed end of each wrench is offset by 15°, which makes it easier to reach hard-to-reach spots. There is no denying that the 15° offset can either be a blessing or a curse, based on the circumstances. Pro mechanics should have one of each on their desk.

This wrench set has thinner handles than most other sets on the market. This can be beneficial if you are working in tight spots, but it isn’t for everyone.


  • Constructed of steel alloy
  • Manufacturer's lifetime warranty
  • A 15-degree offset on the closed-end makes it easier to access
  • An extended beam
  • Sizes are stamped for quick identification
  • Different sizes of wrenches available
  • Outstanding value for money


  • Plastic case not included
  • Unpainted markings

1.4. MILWAUKEE Combination Metric Wrench Tool Set

Power tool brand Milwaukee Tools offers access to a wide variety of high-quality hand wrenches. With its I-beam handles, each wrench in the set makes it easy to hold while also enabling the operator to be comfortable while using the tool.

In addition, each wrench features ink-filled markings that show the size, allowing you to select the right wrench.Milwaukee calls this new technology “Max Bite”, a unique groove on the tool’s open end that can help users increase grip by at least 25%. It can be your go-to set precisely due to the grip.

Milwaukee’s combination wrench sets are an excellent choice for beginners, amateur auto mechanics, and professionals alike since they provide convenience, versatility, and durability. Furthermore, it’s a fantastic starter kit as it includes all sizes between 8 mm and 22 mm, unlike most kits which often overlook other dimensions like 13 mm, 16 mm, and 18 mm.


  • Built to last
  • An affordable price
  • The markings on each end of the face are clearly visible
  • Stylish chrome finish that's easy to maintain
  • Comfy I-beam handles
  • Guaranteed for life
  • It comes in a durable plastic carrying case


  • It's an easy choice

1.5. CRAFTSMAN Wrench Set, SAE / Metric

This wrench set by Craftsman is well known. Car enthusiasts should already be familiar with this one. The wrench industry considers it as a standard tool because of its very high level of versatility and outstanding value.

As the only set of wrenches on this list with standard size, this kit has both SAE and metric wrenches. Metric wrench sizes range from 5 to 22 mm while SAE sizes include 1/4″, 5/16″, 7/32″, 3/8″, 7/16, 1/2″, 9/16″, 5/8″, 11/16″, 3/4″, 7/8, 15/16″, 1″,1-1/16″, and 1-1/8″.

In today’s modern cars we only use metric bolts, but it’s hard to predict when you’ll be working on an old muscle car. Also, some American car manufacturers still use standard-sized nuts and bolts for interior trim and accessories. Moreover, an SAE wrench is handy to have when working with rounded bolts that seem to not fit either a 12mm or 13mm.

With a chrome finish and engraved individually with the wrench size, each wrench has a very appealing appearance. Since this is the “base” kit, the stamping is not as obvious as Milwaukee’s ink-filled markings.

The model isn’t perfect and doesn’t have everything other more expensive models do. However, it covers the most common metric and SAE sizes.To facilitate access, the socket ends of this set of wrenches have a 15° offset angle.

This set, however, is not equipped with any special anti-slip grip. It is already well-known that Craftsman products have an excellent reputation. Having your car fixed in a shop without even one Craftsman tool is probably not a good idea.


  • An offset of 15° at the end of the socket increases clearance
  • Various wrench sizes available
  • Warranty for life
  • Chromate finish which resists corrosion
  • Extremely affordable
  • Include both SAE and metric measurements


  • This item does not include storage or carrying case

1.6. CRESCENT X6 Black Oxide Ratcheting Combination Metric Wrench Set

Featuring specially formulated and heat-treated alloy steel, Crescent’s seven-piece ratcheting combination wrench set is quite affordable. Durable and unlikely to show signs of corrosion, it is sure to last for years.

Crescent chose an attractive matte black finish, rather than chrome or brushed finishes, and laser-etched markings that are stain-resistant. The only disadvantage of laser-etched sizes is that they can become hard to read after exposure to oil or dirt.

Even though the set contains only 7 pieces, it includes all the most common metric sizes ranging from 8 to 17mm. In addition, it offers great value for money. Moreover, a solid and durable handle on the wrench allows users to grip it comfortably.

It has to ratchet ends/opens without a standard ratcheting mechanism. The innovative design of the grip allows the operator to turn nuts and bolts without lifting the tool, which has the advantage of providing access to tight spaces.

However, the limited size of this set might not be an ideal choice if you are a beginner mechanic.


  • An attractive finish of black oxide
  • Ratchet wrench set
  • Budget-friendly
  • Rugged construction
  • Durable and long-lasting alloy steel construction
  • Contains a plastic carrying case


  • The surface is not anti-slip
  • Doesn't have a great ratcheting mechanism

1.7. CAPRI TOOLS Extra Long Box End Wrench Set

The 6-piece metric combination wrench set from Capri is a special toolset. Its extended design makes it possible to access bolts in the engine bay at great depth. Closed configurations on both ends make this system unique.

Capri Tools’ oversized wrench set features chrome-molybdenum steel plates wrapped in shiny chrome, enhancing strength and durability, resulting in longer life.

Intriguingly, the Capri wrenches appear to have zero° offsets. As Capri Tools’ wrenches can reach two times as long as other models, this makes for another “second” set. The additional length will be useful for very specific applications but will be a drawback when used for overall maintenance.


  • A robust steel construction containing chrome-molybdenum
  • Guaranteed for life
  • Various sizes to choose from
  • Chrome-plated to prevent corrosion


  • It is closed at both ends

1.8. Wera 05020231001 Combination Wrench Set

The combination wrench set from Wera is an extremely high-tech tool on this list and is built to meet strict tolerances. Hence, this eleven-piece set is designed for highly skilled mechanics. The wrenches range from 8 to 19 mm (although 9 mm is not included) and are color-coded for easy identification.

Moreover, the standard color for each size is the same across every Wera product.

Among the tools Wera produces, wrenches feature a design that is unique but useful. This design is a smart geometry tool so it is easy to use the tool in exceptionally tight spaces with greater flexibility.

Moreover, every wrench has a 15-degree offset closed end.Joker 6003 kits are built-in high-grade metal to ensure durability. Besides having a pleasing shape, the beam is constructed in such a manner that the operator is able to grip the tool ergonomically and make use of its strength in the process.


  • Easy identification of sizes with color-coding
  • Exceptional product
  • An offset of 15° when closed-end
  • Includes a carrying case/pouch


  • Suitable for professionals and specialists
  • Quite expensive


Q: Who makes the best socket wrenches?

A: Gearwrench and MILWAUKEE make the best quality wrench sets.

Q: What is the best size socket set to buy?

A: In most applications, a 3/8″ drive ratchet and socket set will suffice.

Q: What is the best brand for wrenches?

A: There is no better wrench brand than Gearwrench.

Q: What is the most common size of the drive socket?

A: Typically, sockets of 10mm and 36mm are the most common.

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