What’s So Great About Brushless Motor Power Tools?

Brushless Motors – What Are They?

There have been brushless motors for many decades, so they’re not really new. Since the turn of the century, however, they’ve made an appearance in just about every segment of power tools. However, it was the Makita company that used them for power tools very first back in the early 2000s.

Many people are still not aware of what this technology is and how it works, although it has been around for a while. Besides that, it would be worth spending the additional money on it. Wondering how? Let’s dive into the discussion.

Negative Aspect of Brushed Motor

In power tools, one of the major shortcomings of brushed motors is the wear components they are made up of. Since the carbon brushes contact the commutator constantly, it results in friction.

In turn, this friction causes energy waste and a slowdown in speed. Just like the brakes on your car, the carbon brushes tend to wear out over time. However, brushes can be easily replaced, fortunately. But the tool will typically need to be serviced by its manufacturer. This means that you won’t be able to use it right away.

Some other problems with brushed motors are :

  • Sparks and heat are produced by brushed motors. As a result, there is energy loss, but in the case of cordless tools, the battery draws on this energy already. This may shorten the battery’s lifespan. Batteries lose their life because they receive more charges due to lost energy.
  • Replacement brushes are required after brushes become worn out. This consumes both money and time.
  • The traditional brushed motor is heavy and bulky. As a result, bulky, heavy power tools are cumbersome to use.

How Do Brushless Motor Work?

There are three core advantages of brushless power tools over brushed, and those are:

  • A reduction in harmful heat buildup
  • Improved efficiency when it comes to energy
  • Minimal movement

An armature, a ring of magnets, carbon brushes, and a commutator are all part of a traditional brushed motor.

A brushless motor, however, works without the commutator and brushes. To coordinate battery energy with motor windings, a small circuit board and magnet are used.

Motors are smarter nowadays, drawing only the power they need, rather than operating at full power, as older brushed motors tend to do.

Because brushless motors tend to be stronger, can handle bumps and knocks better, are generally larger, and can convert battery energy more efficiently, it is evident that brushless power tools are superior to brushed ones.

Some manufacturers also claim that when you slot your batteries into brushless power tools, you may enjoy 30% longer battery life.

Why Choose Brushless Motors?

Listed below are some power tools with brushless motors that are beneficial. In addition to the three great qualities mentioned above, brushless motors will always offer the following advantages in some tools:

  • Brushless Angle Grinders: To function properly, angle grinders need efficient power delivery from the battery. With a brushless motor, you get longer runtime on a single battery charge, as well as reduced heat generation.
  • Brushless Impact Drivers: When you have a brushless impact driver in your arsenal, you’ll always have the right tool to drive screws, fasten metal nuts, and even drill through spade bits.
  • Compact size makes it easy to use in tight spaces and running the brushless motor on a super-efficient battery results in very long runtime. If you’re thinking about upgrading your impact driver, add a brushless model.
  • Brushless Rotary Hammer Drills: Brushless motors are perfect for tools that need a great deal of power. These features, coupled with fully charged batteries’ longer runtime and the ability to withstand vibrations, all contribute to brushless rotary hammer drills offering superior performance.

Choosing Brushless: Why It’s A Smart Move

Several industries need power tools, and brushless power tools are great for that. Although some people may be deterred by the expense of the new tools, those who have acquired them have been amazed at what they have obtained.

Compared to traditional motors, brushless motors have a number of benefits. Power tools with brushless motors are lighter than those with brushed motors, due to their compact size. Rotor and stator friction is removed by eliminating carbon brushes

And last but not least, they also run cooler.

Brushless and brushed tools are typically covered by the same warranty period. Brushless motors, however, provide longer tool life due to the combination of these benefits. Consequently, they’ll last a lot longer than their original warranties.

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